PROJECT – Compressor Installation within Existing Facility (Power Generation, South Australia)

This project involved the electrical design and integration of a new compressor into an existing power station operation.

PROJECT – Data Acquisition and Handling System (DAHS) for Stack Emissions Monitoring (Oil & Gas, Victoria)

This project involved the design and supply of specialty software required to monitor and report on critical stack emissions of a gas plant.

PROJECT – Power station Generator Shutdown (Power Generation, Queensland)

This shutdown project involved the calibration,upgrade, hazardous area management and testing from sensor to the DCS control system for an Alstom 35MW turbine.

PROJECT – Safety Matt for Machine Protection (Power Generation, South Australia)

The project involved the electrical design, procurement, installation, panel manufacturing and commissioning of a safety mat required for machine protection of water inlet equipment.

PROJECT – Diesel water pump (Power Generation, South Australia)

The project involved the electrical design, procurement, installation, panel manufacturing and commissioning of a diesel pump system required for backup fire protection of the power station.

PROJECT – Oxygen plant (Minerals Processing, PNG) 2012

The project involved coding and factory acceptance testing of the DCS controls required for a greenfield Liquid Oxygen plant in PNG. The coding was completed in accordance with an Air Products design and tested to Air Product engineer’s satisfaction.

PROJECT – Demineralization Plant Upgrade (Power Generation, South Australia)

Demineralization plant upgrade from a relay based control system to a DCS based control system. The upgrade included DCS and cross marshaling cubicle design, solenoid valve upgrade, field instrument upgrade, integration into the existing MCC, commissioning and hand-over for commercial operation. The upgrade was completed without interruption to the Power Station’s water supply.

PROJECT – DCS Control System Upgrade (Power Generation, South Australia)

Keeping Distributed Control Systems current requires strategic project planning. Control Direction has provided control system upgrade project planning, executing and controlling processes for the upgrade of one of Australia’s largest power generators in South Australia.

PROJECT – Control System Asset Management System (Mineral Processing, Papua New Guinea)

LimeWare’s flagship product transforms the way Control Systems are managed. Control Direction deployed Limeware’s foxray™ product on a gold processing plant in PNG. This has provided the process automation team with complete control over configuration management, alarm management, operator actions analysis and overall documentation of the DCS.

PROJECT – Vapour Recovery System Controls (Oil Terminal, South Australia)

Control Direction provided control system design, configuration and commissioning for a vapour recovery system. The project scope was to interface a field running controller to a central control room systems for vapour recovery processing and monitoring.

PROJECT – Energy Trading System SCADA Project (Natural Gas, South Australia & Victoria)

Ensuring the most appropriate energy sources are used in supplying feed energy to industrial power stations requires the integration of an energy trading strategy linked to the running asset. Control Direction has designed and engineered a SCADA system that polls critical asset energy consumption data and supplies this to energy traders who integrate this information into their energy trading strategy.

PROJECT – Control System Migration (Water Treatment Plant, Victoria)

This project involved the specification of a running control system for an effluent treatment plant in Victoria. Control Direction developed the functional descriptions and control narratives and assisted the vendor with the migration to the new control system. This work involved some control configuration work, process graphic modifications and loop by loop cutover.