Control Direction is a specialty engineering and software organization. Our assignments are in continuous process infrastructure and manufacturing. We assist clients internationally in resourcing their business and extracting maximum value from their facilities.

We also own and supply the InformDB technology stack used in our Time Series Data Processing System. Please visit the informDB website to learn more:

We control information making it accessible and valuable.


- Turn key process plant

- Installation and commissioning

- Engineering design

- Control system engineering

- Brownfield upgrades

- DCS & SCADA assignments

Download: Capability Statement


- Environmental and energy

- Software project management

- DCS configuration

- Agent for Limeware’s Foxray

- SCADA and RTU systems

- Visualization, DCS to Internet

- Data historian integration


- Control system engineering

- Calibrations

- Instrument technicians

- Commissioning & startup

- Field electrical services

- Maintenance agreements

- Asset management

- System spares management

- System spares and repair


- Control panels & enclosures

- Industrial switchboards

- Legacy DCS board repair

- Tank gauge instruments

- Control system workstations

- Design and manufacture of signal condition boards